I offer care and support, for all ages, tailored to each individual need, providing both practical support and personal needs on an ad-hoc or short-term basis. Every client is unique and deserves to feel secure and to be treated with the utmost respect and dignity.


Should you require assistance following illness or a hospital admission, I can support you with all your personal needs, helping you to regain your confidence and to live as independently as possible. Client confidentiality is assured at all times.


I am able to offer emergency care as an interim measure whilst long-term care is being sought. Should regular carers be unwell or on holiday, I would be delighted to step in and support clients during these periods, helping with  daily living requirements. 


I am able to support holidaymakers wishing to experience the relaxing Jersey hospitality, but need a little support with continuity of every day life.

I offer care and support for all ages tailored to each individual needs.

Elderly Support and Personal Care

Support for Individuals with Autism and Learning Disabilities

Support for Individuals with MS and Parkinson’s

Support for Individuals with Dementia

Support with medications and prescriptions

Support with medical appointments

Support with shopping, cooking and light household chores

Companionship and Sitting Service

Overnight and sleep-in available 


 Aiming to provide continuity and support at short-notice until a long-term solution is available. 


Respect : Equality: Dignity: Autonomy: Person Centered

Creating a culture where everyone matters

Where YOU matter.


Physical : Social : Mental Well Being : Active Support

Active Support is about empowering and motivating each and every individual respecting diversity and equality at all times.




Tranquil Home Care Therapeutic Services


I offer ‘Gentle Therapeutic Massage’ for individuals with MS and Parkinson’s.  I offer this service as an alternative method to help alleviate symptoms of pain and rigidity. 



Massage can help relax muscles and help in the reduction of swelling. Massage can help with muscular rigidity and spasticity which in turn can alleviate pain and may help to increase range of motion which can improve mobility. Massage improves circulation and elimination of waste and toxins. Massage also helps in the reduction of stress and anxiety - promoting relaxation and improvement in quality of sleep. 

For Individuals looking for a little extra pampering,

I recommend:

Facial Massage: Often sends individuals into a deep sense of relaxation .

Foot Massage: Highly recommended for tired, sore and swollen feet and ankles. 

As with all forms of Therapeutic Massage a Full Medical History will be required as massage may not be suitable for certain medical conditions.

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Regulated by  The  Jersey Care Commission : The Jersey Care Commission regulates and inspects services for both adults and children, provided by the Government of Jersey, Parishes, private providers and the voluntary sector to ensure that people receive high quality and safe care.

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